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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Recap

A Black Friday and Cyber Monday Recap is totally necessary as so much exciting deals and gems have flashed before us this past week. Their are massively intense yet exciting sales events to be a part of from the customer side since you can get in line at stores to get steep discounts on games or you can order online and confined the best deals of the year. Not so much if you are working in of these retailers with the jam pack amount of customers to support. It is long hours and a lot of work for anyone that has to work shifts that at a retailer they often have holiday hours in which late and open extra early for Black Friday. There are horror stories where the lines get so long they wrap around the stores and also occasionally people stampeding over each other to find the sales at certain locations. It is our best judgment just to stay online for avoid the hassle with store early buyers. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday recap highlights a lot of gems from our previous blog posts below:

Black Friday Walmart and Target Deals

Black Friday Gamestop and Best Buy Black Friday Deals

This is best time to buy Tech and video games and perhaps do your Christmas shopping during this time to to get savings. There is often promos the week before end days after including Cyber Monday in which has similar sales to Black Friday. It seems that Black Friday sales going to be a little sweeter than Cyber Monday but there are rare occasions. After immensely analyzing all the gaming deals, these are the top notch of the crowd.


Our Top Picks:

PS4 Pro with Call of Duty Modern Warfare $299

Xbox One X 1TB Gears of War 5 Bundle plus 40$ Target Gift Card free $349.99

Nintendo Switch Console (choice of color) bundled with Spyro Reignited Trilogy Game – $289

Hulu for 1.99 a month for 12 months, for new customers, is an absolute gem for anyone who wants to try this massive amount content for the buck.


Now that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Aftermath, it’s time to check out the available games



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