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New Youtube Channel – Glorious Motherland Gaming

Hello Gamers,

There is a new gaming Youtube channel called “Glorious Motherland Gaming” that you all should check out. Essentially it uses a Let’s Play format for game reviews. The footage is exciting, but more importantly hilarious. We here at Play’N’Swap highly suggest you check it out for yourself. You can visit their youtube channel by going here: Glorious Motherland Gaming. For your enjoyment, below our some of our favorite videos from their channel:

Poor Natasha…definitively not one of the “easiest” games to start a new gamer on. In fact, this game may make even the more experienced gamers rage quit. 

Spoiler alert…aliens aren’t that easy to kill. 

WARNING TO ALL HARDCORE HEARTHSTONE PLAYERS…this video may make your blood boil…with that said…we all found this video to be hilarious. 

It’s all about teamwork and communication…and oh yeah…the occasional Harry Potter reference!

The Play’N’Swap staff highly suggest that the next game you play is Who’s Your Daddy.

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