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Ditch Cable Start Streaming

Millenials have created a trend to prioritize convenience, and value for the things they invest in. It’s the reason why, companies like Amazon, Uber and Netflix have had great success and overwhelming population over the past few years. Millenials have shifted the way companies today, provide their services. One of the key shifts we’ve seen today is the way we watch TV. If you’ve ever considered ditching cable entirely to start streaming online, this article may just be right for you. 

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and now Disney plus (to name a few) have created immense opportunities for their audience to afford streaming TV shows and movies at an extremely reasonable price. These companies have shifted the way generations of today “do TV.” These streaming companies have provided quick ways of streaming movies and TV, without having to pay hundreds of dollars for different cable packages, tech support, and they’ve done away with those having to rent out those bulky hideous cable boxes. BUT the one thing, they’ve provided the best to their customers is…. Can  you guess it?


In today’s society, if you aren’t providing your customers convenience or value, you’re brand wont withstand the competition. Think about it, Uber created an easier way of how to accommodate your travels, by simply ordering a couple buttons on the app, elimination the steps of having to find a taxi company, calling in and providing all your details over the phone. It eliminated the human interaction that millenials dislike, and simplified the process. Amazon prime created a 2-day standard of free shipping – no other company guarantees offer a faster delivery at a lesser rate than Amazon. 

On-demand streaming services have solved the huge issue of having to pay hundreds of dollars for your family to be able to watch and stream TV. Customers went from having to pay per box per room, per cable package, per household, to now being able to pay less than $20 a month to stream hundreds of TV shows/movies. These companies created an interactive-like app, that has made it easy to offer a large array of movies. All of the apps, has also made it extremely easy for their customers to preview a glimpse of the options they have to watch. They stream a lot of the popular older shows and movies, but their originals have become something even more worth subscribing. Best but not least, these streaming services allow you to watch all their content from anywhere you go (including offline in an airplane)! 

In summary, these are the reasons why so many millenials are ditching cable entirely and ONLY using these streaming service:

  • Price $$
  • Convenience
  • Nostalgic content
  • Original Shows and Movies
  • Being able to watch it from anywhere, on any device, while on the go



Pretty sure anyone reading this has at least tried one of these streaming services at least once. Maybe it was signing up for yourself, or using your friends login. If you haven’t, check them out – all of them offer a free trial. And if you haven’t already done so, consider ditching cable, and start streaming only. 

Your pockets will thank you!

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