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How do I use GamesExchange?

  • Add games you are willing to swap or sell for cash to My Listings.
  • Select games you're interested in by clicking Like
  • The site will notify the Seller that you are interested in one of their games, when you click Like
  • The site will notify you if a Buyer wants one of your games from your listings.
Visit My Likes to manage your swaps. You can send a Cash Offer or send a Swap Offer for games you are interested in.  

How can I Swap?

Visit My Likes. Here you can request a game-for-game Swap or send a Cash Offer to buy another user's game. You must click Like on a Listing before to see swap options.  

Where can I add a Listing for Sale?

My Listings  

What is Like and how can I use it?

Click Like on a game you are interested in which lets the seller know you are interested. Then you can decide to offer a game-for-game Swap Offer or you can offer a Cash Offer.  

What if I have an issue with a seller?

Send us an email at [email protected] to let us know and we will look into it to make things right.  

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