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Free to Play Multiplayer Zombie Survival Game

There is a free to play survival game making major waves on the steam community at the moment. It is currently ranked 9/10 on steam, which is impressive given that the game is still in alpha. The game is 100% free and the best way we can describe it is that it is a mix of DayZ with Minecraft with more emphasis on sandbox base building, and combat against zombies. Let is start of by saying that the base building in this game is great, anyone who has played Minecraft will notice similarities right away. Also there are vehicles and plenty of weapons to choose from. Unlike DayZ, the main focus is on defending your base from zombie hordes that tend to attack at night. The game encourages you to find other survivors and defend your home. In this game Zombies are the main threat, though players can still take you out if your not careful. The gameplay is quite impressive especially for a game that is completely free. It’s base building mechanics are actually better than “DayZ” at least at the current moment and it has it’s own crafting system just like minecraft. In this a sandbox survival game you have will have nearly endless opportunities to improve your base, explore, survive, and level up your character.


We highly recommend you try it out. It is a fun game you can play with your friends, or even play solo if you think your up to it. For a free to play game it has impressive graphics and gameplay features.  As with Minecraft and other survival games, the best way to enjoy a game like this is to have your own server, so you can change settings depending on your preferences and ensure that you play with your friends. Check out how below on the details in getting an Unturned server.

Gameplay Trailer

Download Link for Unturned

Probably one of the best things about this game is that the game is persistent and runs on your own server. (You don’t have to worry as much about servers shutting down or resetting your character like they do in DayZ)


Hosting your own Unturned server


Right now we see servers ranging from 8 – 20 players; prices are from $7.95 to $15.00 respectfully. We highly recommend you check out compare game hosting where you can see all the options available for hosting your own server and compare them with others.

As of right now you enter the promo code SANTA you receive 10% off a 12 player server regularly lowering the price down to $9.00


Unturned Video Review


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