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Seller Benefits on Gamesexchange
Gamesexchange provides an easy way to Sell your games, collectibles, gamer merch and more online with other members of the Gamesexchange community all across the country!

We provide you the ability to sell your listings for cash or do a free swap with another member.

How do I become a seller?
You already are once you register! All members have selling capability.
Only a Seller Fee on a Cash Sale
There is a simple 10% selling fee only after you make a sale. After each sale you make, you can redeem your payment securely with PayPal.

There is no listing fee. It's free to list as many listings as you want on Gamesexchange.

No Seller Fee on a Swap
It's Free to Swap your listing with a listing from another member. Both sides only pay shipping for their part of the Swap.
How do I add a Listing for sale?
Visit My Listings to add your first listing for sale! We will email you once your listing has sold.
How do I add a Listing for swap?
You don't need to do anything extra. Each Listing you have added to sell for cash, also allows members to send Swap Offers to you.
How does a swap work?
Go to a listing you are interested in and click the Like Flame . Then click My Likes to either send a Swap Offer or Cash Offer. Once the seller agrees, then you have a swap.

Each side must ship out their listing for their part of the swap. After you receive the listing you wanted in the swap, give the member a feedback rating as it helps you and our members have a positive reputation for future swaps on Gamesexchange!

When can you expect to receive payment?
After you have sold a listing, visit My Listings as a Ship Now section will appear to allow you to purchase and print a USPS Shipping Label conveniently on the site.

After you have purchased the Shipping and shipped out your listing, a Redeem Cash Made button will appear so you receive payment instantly. You must have a PayPal account and provide your PayPal email to receive secure payment.

What is PayPal and is it required?
PayPal is a secure way for you to receive payment online. After you register for a free PayPal account, add your bank or debit card to your PayPal account.

Gamesexchange pays you instantly after you sell your listings by you only providing the email that you used for your PayPal account. PayPal receives the payment and instantly pays the bank account or debit card attached to your PayPal when you click the Reedem Cash button. Payments are completely free for you and there are no fees.

Yes, a PayPal account is required for Gamesexchange to send you payments securely.

If there is any issue registering for PayPal, email us at [email protected] as there are other payment options.

Seller and Swap Protection
Payments are securely accepted using PayPal. Only after we receive payment from PayPal, is when we ask you to ship out your listing you have sold then provide payment to you to redeem on your PayPal account.

Swap Protection for All Swaps

Have no worries, Gamesexchange provides Swap Protection on all swaps. We understand something can go wrong in a swap. We will happily refund you the credit value of the swap if there is ever an issue.

Contact us at [email protected] and let us know what happened so we can help make things right