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Mindfog – Fallout 4 Gaming Diary/Blog

Mindfog.com has come out with a new gaming diary/blog chronicling the journey of a Fallout 4 player character named Samuel J. Tannin. For those of you that may not be aware, a gaming journal/diary is a blog that follows a player in a game, often including roleplaying elements. Samuel’s adventure is rather interesting starting off at a climatic start, and if you are familiar with any of the Fallout games you know that every player’s experience is different.

Fallout 4 Sam

I’m on a quest to find out who killed my wife and kidnapped my infant son, Shaun, and to try to make some sense out of this new worldsignaturesjt

Readers of the gaming diary can comment on each of Samuel’s entries, possibly even affecting actions he takes as he journeys through the wasteland. Mindfog has uploaded several audio and video entries as part of his diary entires. Not only is this an extremely creative way to tell a story, it is an excellent way for players to see Fallout 4 for what it is. You shape your own story and make your own character, just like Samuel. Every decision and action you make has consequences. We can only hope Samuel makes it through this adventure alive.

Samuel was chosen as one of the “lucky” few to be allowed entry into Vault 111, which is located near Sanctuary Hills, Massachusetts.

Samuel meets several interesting characters during his journey including Preston one of the last remaining members of the Minitemen.

Living in the wasteland isn’t easy. Samuel finds a moment of peace to reflect on what all has happened and to plan his next move.

Samuel gets ready to explore the wasteland. He will more than likely need to make some tough choices along the way. He has awoken to a new world, where his morals and resolve will surely be tested. Many dangers will await him including raiders who want nothing more than to rob him, kill him, or both. Not to mention the strange creatures lurking around in the wasteland waiting to make him their next meal.

Follow Samuel on his journey by visiting reading the Fallout 4 Diary website or by viewing his youtube channel. Samuel plans to post an update on his journey every week and you can listen to his podcast on iTunes. You can also support Samuel and help him reunite with his long lost son by visiting his patreon page.

Here is an excerpt from Samuel’s diary on mindfog.com for your enjoyment:



Diary Entry #1 : October 23, 2287

I’m going to try to remember everything exactly as it happened. I know my mind plays tricks on me sometimes, and it can’t always be trusted. I’m feeling hopeless, thinking I will never be able to find my son in this destroyed world. I saw him get taken away, but I was locked in some cryogenic chamber when it happened and couldn’t get out. They killed my wife. Saw that happen too. Two of them. A man and a woman. When I was finally released, only through the fault of some technical malfunction from what I could tell, everyone else in Vault 111 was dead as well. I took what I could find, which included a pistol, some ammo, and I gathered whatever intel I could from the local terminals. It wasn’t much. Turns out my family was part of some kind of hideous experiment. All of us were. “Long term effects of suspended animation on unaware, human subjects.” Human subjects. That’s all we were to them…


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