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New Visual Novel Website

Visualnoveler is a web app that is currently in pre-alpha which is designed for fans of visual novels to track, rate, and discover visual novels. It is a platform that lets people manage their own list of libraries containing visual novels and also to introduce visual novels to newcomers through bite-sized information.


You’ll also be able to get a glimpse of reviews of visual novels and view pages directly from the visual novel to decide whether or not the visual novel game is for you. It even includes information and translations of visual novels as well. It is a must check out for visual novel gaming fans.


On visualnoveler.com it lists a synopsis and other information important to each game such as its major characters, genre, reviews, and screenshots.


The website allows you to discover visual novels through a variety of ways, whether that be through listing novel rankings though user ratings or searching for specific genres of visual novels. The website is really easy to use and is a great way to discover your next favorite visual novel. We highly recommend you check it out, and register for a free account to receive updates on your favorite genres and books.



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