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New Youtube Gaming Channel

Hey gamers,

If you’re anything like the staff here at Play’N’Swap when your not gaming you like to watch gaming channels dedicated to gaming. Recently we have been enjoying a new YouTube gaming channel so much that we had to make all of you aware it. Today, we would like to give a shout out to Filthy Gaming MD.


This YouTube channel is full of videos about gaming news and content, walkthroughs, reviews, and just about anything else you can think of that is gaming related. More importantly they are fun to watch and he is constantly engaging with his growing fan base. He also has tutorial videos dedicated to gamers who like to stream, so for all you Twitch and YouTube streamers we highly recommend you check his videos out as well.

websiteHe even recently launched own website FilthyGaming.com. If you visit his website right now you have a chance to win a prize drawing every month.

This month’s prize is a $25 dollar Amazon Gift card.

“Sweet Christmas”, as Luke Cage would say.sweet_christmas

So…what are you waiting for? Subscribe and check him out!

Below is just a few of his videos to give you a taste:









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