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PS4 Release Date and Rumors

 PlayStation 4


PlayStation did not go into too much detail about when the PS4 will be officially released or even what the new console will  look like, but they did say in a recent press conference that they expect the release date will be during a “Holiday” season of 2013. Rumors say that PlayStation 4’s release date is expected to be a global launch in all countries, not just the USA or Japan.

As of right now, we mostly know details about what features the PS4 controller and eye camera may have, not so much the actual console; however, the following has already been confirmed by Sony’s Senior Staff Engineer Chris Norden:

PS4 Console
– The console will come with an AMD CPU (8-core) with 8GB of DDR5 Ram
– It will include a Blu-ray drive, which is expected to be up to three times faster than the current PS3 Blu-ray drive.
– It will include a “very large” hard drive in every system.
– Every console will include a headset and mic

PS4 Controllers
controller004[1] ht_sony_ps4_130221_wg[1]
– New analog sticks will be more precise than the PS3 controller
– A touchpad / screen on the controller will have a “tactile click” with a resolution of 1920 x 900; it will also be able to support gestures. 
– Compared to the DualShock 3 and Vita console, PS4 controllers will have improved gyrometers to allow for better precision.
– The light bar on the controller will always be on replacing the port number you currently see on the DualShock 3 controllers and the new Playstation 4 eye camera will use this light bar to identify where the player is in the room.
– A speaker will be embedded in the controller, allowing users to stream audio directly from the PS4.
– The L1 and R1 action buttons will now be digital
– Each controller will have a smaller, but more powerful motor for rumble effects
– The R2 and L2 buttons will be unable to be pushed if the controller is on a flat surface thanks to a new curved design.
– The DualShock 4 can charge when connected to the PlayStation4, even if the system is in sleep mode.

PlayStation 4 Eye Camera

– Comprised of two cameras with a resolution of 1280 x 800 running at 60Hz.
– 85 degree wide angle view
– 3-axis accelerometer/tilt sensor built in
– Four microphones
– Dedicated connection port to the PS4
– HD wide-angle video, PS move support, and speech recognition. 

What games will be released on the PS4 are not exactly clear, but TechRadar contributor, Mike Channel, said that Assasin’s Creed 4 is said to be released at the end of October this year.

Here is a list of all the games thought to be released on the PS4:
– Assasin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
– Knack
– Killzone: Shadow Fall
– Battlefied 4
– Driveclub
– Watch Dogs
– Deep Down
– Infamous: Second Son
– The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
– The Witness
– APB: Vendetta
– New Final Fantasy Game (Name To Be Determined)
– Diablo III
– Destiny (Bungie)
– Sniper Elite III
– CyberPunk 2077 (RPG)
– Carmageddon: Reincarnation
– Batman: Arkham Origins (Prequel to Arkham Asylum)
– Primal Carnage: Genesis (Think Left 4 Dead, but with dinosaurs instead of zombies)
– Pro Evolution Soccer 2014
– Thief
– Blacklight: Retribution



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