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Recording Software for PC Gamers

For all you Twitch streamers and YouTube gamers out there is a game recording software for PC you all need to check out. D3DGear is a very fast game recording software that allows users to record video game footage without slowing down your PC’s performance.  It is a much better alternative to to some of the outdated recording software such as Fraps. In Fact D3DGear’s game recording performance is superior to all other game recording software. It is also extremely easy to use acting as a universal video game plugin/add-on software; It will automatically attach to a game when it starts and uses hotkeys for recording and broadcasting. It works extremely well with twitch.tv providing high quality video with minimal lag. The D3DGear twitch streaming performance and quality are superior compared to other similar software.

D3DGear Game Footage:


For recording video games, D3DGear is actually a much better and faster software than Fraps. D3DGear can do a lot of things that Fraps software simply cannot. Below a comparison table that outlines some key features between D3DGear and Fraps.

D3DGear Fraps
Video Recording Technologies

D3DGear video recording technologies is far better than Fraps’ softare.

D3DGear implements a very sophisticated movie capture and compress engine for video game recording. With this engine, D3DGear is able to record video game to movie with little system performance impact, the recorded movie is highly compressed with HD quality, and it is ready to upload to Youtube.

Fraps software uses a simple loss-less Codec that not only produces huge size movie file, but also significantly affects system performance. The loss-less movie is unusable because of its huge file size; users have to use movie editor software to compress movie further. Fraps software movie recording technology is obsolete with current software and hardware technologies.
Audio Recording Technologies
D3DGear audio recording technologies is far better than Fraps.

D3DGear compresses audio data while recording audio source. D3DGear supports two audio recording Codec: MP3 or Windows Media Audio Codec, depending on which movie file format is being used. Audio data is compressed with high bitrate so that the original audio quality is well preserved.

Fraps software does not compress audio data while recording audio source. This results larger movie file size.
Video Encoding Technologies
D3DGear supports more variety video Codecs than Fraps.

D3DGear supports follwoing video encoding Codecs: MPEG-4 Ver 2 Codec, Motion JPEG Codec, Windows Media Video 9 and Huffyuv Loss-less Codec.

Fraps software supports only “Fraps” proprietary Codec.
Movie Format
D3DGear supports more variety movie file formats than Fraps.

D3DGear supports three movie recording file format: AVI1, AVI2 (OpenDML) and WMV.

Fraps only supports AVI movie format.
D3DGear supports overlay function that is not available in Fraps.

D3DGear supports face cam overlay function. User can add face cam or webcam overlay on top of movie video, where user can capture their facial motion. This is unique feature not available in other recording software.

Fraps software does not support this feature.
Video Game Broadcasting Technologies
D3DGear supports video game streaming and broadcasting function, which is not available in Fraps. Fraps does not support this feature.
AMD Mantle API
D3DGear supports AMD Mantle API based video games, and is full compatible with AMD Mantle API. Fraps does not support AMD Mantle API based video games.
Measure Game Frame Rate
D3DGear supports measuring video game frame rate and displaying it on the screen as overlay. D3DGear supports to display frame rate at predefined 9 locations, or user can choose to display it at anywhere on the screen. Fraps only supports to display frame rate on pre-defined 5 locations.

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So what are you waiting for? Download D3DGear and start recording your epic gaming footage now. 

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