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Will the Xbox 720 require you to always be online?

Its possibly end of the world as we know it….at least for Xbox 720 used games. That is what the current rumors all point to this month from Microsoft. Microsoft’s creative director, Adam Orth, recently made the mistake of going on twitter expressing his belief thatno one would care if the new Xbox console would require players to be online 100% of the time in order for it to work. Boy…was he wrong.

Here is one of his most talked about tweets:

Adam Orth’s Original Tweet:

Quickly a fire spread around the gamer community resulting in over 16,000 comments to Adam’s tweet. Hmm why would the average gamer have an issue with this?

How reliable is your internet?

Besides the fact that not everyone is online, there is the concern of always being online that causes problems. How would you feel while playing your Xbox 720, your internet conks out for a few seconds, essentially kicking you off your Xbox gaming session. Or what if something even worse happens, your internet goes out completely  Would you be upset about not being able to play single player games? Basically your Xbox 720 would be a large paper weight. Not to mention that the Xbox servers will occasionally need to go down for maintenance. If they go down for any reason, so does your Xbox.

No more used games

If Microsoft implements this model, there may be no market for used games on the Xbox 720 platforms. Microsoft could require gamers to register their games to their individual consoles, or not give them access to games unless they were logged into their Xbox live account. Worse yet, Microsoft could theoretically get rid of game discs all together, forcing players to download the games via their Xbox live video game library / store only.

Charging you forever 

If Microsoft can force your console to be online at all times, what else could they do? Could they force you to buy Xbox Gold and pay a monthly fee? What happens when the Xbox 1080 comes out? Will they just shut down the Xbox servers and make your console useless?

So…what do you guys think? We obviously pointed out some flaws with requiring an always online console, but will that stop you from getting the new Xbox?

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